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SHOM (Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine) is a specific establishment of the French Navy whose main mission is to measure bathymetry, design nautical charts and distribute them. The establishment also distributes a certain number of nautical documents that are useful or even essential for navigation: RIPAM, buoyage, current charts, etc...

Picksea is a SHOM Approved Distributor and can therefore offer you all the publications of this establishment.

For civilian or military sailors, commercial, fishing or pleasure sailors, safe navigation requires the best information to understand the maritime space from a nautical point of view, to find one's way and to choose one's route, taking into account of course the weather conditions and the traffic.


The SHOM L series chart collection is a selection of nautical charts perfectly adapted for pleasure boating. They provide the same information as the classic charts and are updated at regular intervals. Picksea offers you a selection of the 15 best-selling SHOM L charts used by boaters. You will also find the SHOM charts dedicated to the exams for yachting ( offshore licence) or commercial marine.


If you are looking for a SHOM chart or a chart of a particular navigation area, contact us by mail or via the form. Tell us the chart(s) of your choice: we will order it and deliver it within 10 days. To help you in your choice of charts you can go to this search module.


Picksea also offers you all the official documentation of the SHOM: Ouvrage 2 RIPAM, Ouvrage 3 Balisage, 1 D Chart symbols, Atlas of tidal currents, navigator's guides, etc... All these books are available in stock or on order.

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