Classic Binoculars

Classic Binoculars

Find below pairs of classic binoculars for boating. In our category of marine accessories, go to our Waterproof Binoculars section where you will find many more models of marine binoculars.

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  • <h2>7x18 waterproof binoculars from Topoplastic</h2> <p style="text-align:justify;">The Pocket 7x18 compact marine binoculars manufactured by Topomarine are among the cheapest of the Picksea selection of waterproof binoculars. Very compact and light, they will fit in any crew or watch jacket pocket.</p> <h2>Detailed specifications of the binoculars</h2>

    Pocket Binoculars 7x18

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  • <p><span id="result_box" lang="en" xml:lang="en"><span class="hps">The </span></span><span lang="en" xml:lang="en"><span class="hps">binoculars</span> </span><span lang="en" xml:lang="en"><span class="hps">support</span> <span class="hps">will fit</span> <span class="hps">in the chart t</span><span class="hps">able</span> area <span class="hps">of your boat. Made of Bamboo<br /></span></span></p>

    Binoculars support

    • €17.08
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