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Fins, mask and snorkel

To discover the sea bed, it is necessary to use equipment perfectly designed to have the possibility to evolve on the surface and underwater without constraints and comfortably. For that, Picksea has selected the Beuchat fins, masks and snorkels, one of the historical leaders of the leisure diving in France and in the world.


You will find on our site packs and kits including the complete set of fins, mask and snorkel composed of high quality equipment such as Atoll masks with wide field of vision and the powerful Play fins. If you prefer adjustable fins, then the Oceo packs are for you.


Beuchat offers this year surface masks that allow you to breathe comfortably through your mouth and nose. A 180° panoramic vision and even the possibility to attach a Go Pro type camera to keep memories of your underwater explorations.

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  • <h2>Beuchat Atoll Snorkel and Mask Set</h2> <p><span>Kit composed of a pair of compact and powerful PLAY fins, an ATOLL single-glass mask with silicone skirt and a SPY snorkel. The p</span>almes PLAY are the ideal compromise between compactness and power: they have a small blade to facilitate the penetration of the fin in the water at the surface. The ATOLL mask is a single-glass mask with a silicone skirt and the SPY snorkel, angled with a silicone tip, has a simple and effective attachment system.</p> <p><em>The set is delivered in a canvas and net carrying bag with shoulder strap.</em></p> <h2><span>Characteristics of the Atoll Mask Snorkel Kit </span></h2>

    Atoll Mask Snorkel Kit

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  • <h2>Beuchat Oceo Adult Snorkel Mask Kit</h2><p>The kit is <span>consisting of an OCEO Junior single-glass mask with elastic strap and an OCEO Junior Purge snorkel</span><br /><span>Delivered in a canvas and net carrying bag with shoulder strap.</span></p><h2><span>Features of the Beuchat Oceo Adult Snorkel Kit</span></h2>

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