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Kayak paddle

Find our original range of paddles. Essential accessory for all paddle sports. We offer you reference products developed by reference brands (BIC, Point 65°N). The paddles offered in our shop will allow you to maneuver and propel your kayak.

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>A strong and light paddle for kayaking in 1 or 2 parts!</h2> <p><span>The blade is designed to efficiently distribute the forces and flow of the water during the submerged phase. The result is a light, robust, silent and fluid paddle. With the Elegance aluminium shaft paddle, discover an affordable, solid paddle with a reliable grip. With the Elegance fiber shaft paddle, the grip is efficient and the passage in the water is more supple. Moreover, its lightness will allow you to adapt your pace and to swallow more miles during your excursions.</span></p> <h2>Detailed characteristics of the paddle with aluminium shaft 215 cm of RTM</h2> </div>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Adjustable telescopic spare paddle in sizes 55 cm to 107 cm</h2> <p>This telescopic aluminium paddle is adjustable in length. Compact, it measures 55cm when folded, 107cm when unfolded. Practical, it could be useful in case of a hard blow in a boat or lack of wind in a dinghy! Sold by 2, easy to store in a trunk or even in a bag.</p> </div> <h2>Characteristics of Plastimo telescopic spare paddles</h2>
  • <h2>Paddle leash for Kayak or Stand Up Paddle </h2> <p>Don't lose your paddle, thanks to this leash specially designed for the practice of water sports such as kayak, stand-up paddle. Equipped with very strong velcro to be fixed to your wrist and to the paddle, you will be able to enjoy your outing on the water in safety: in case of a wave, a rollover, or any other unexpected problem, your paddle will remain close by, easy to recover to resume your route. The orange color of the leash allows you to keep an eye on it. Can also be attached to your paddle and wrist.</p> <h2>Features of the orange paddle leash </h2>
  • <h2>Alu Breeze kayak paddle 220 cm, in 2 parts</h2> <p>Versatile kayak paddle 220cm, Made In France, dismountable in 2 parts, for touring or leisure kayaking. Lightweight aluminum shaft, durable fibrylon blades, this paddle is light and handy and will allow you to optimize your glide on the water. Easily removable by clips, for easy storage. Opt for Made In France for your outings on the water !</p> <h2>Characteristics of the Breeze Alu 220 cm paddle</h2> <p></p>
    Kayak Breeze 220 cm in 2...

    Kayak Breeze 220 cm in 2 pieces

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