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Essential accessory for paddling paddleYou will find a large choice of paddles specially designed for this sport among the biggest brands on the market such as Tahe Outdoor, Sroka or even Red Paddle. Discover our selection!


On beaches, lakes or rivers, the paddles have been invading all bodies of water for several years. This practice is a great success and continues to develop. A sport that is very popular with beginners but also with more accomplished athletes. This success can be explained in part by the development of inflatable paddles. This type of inflatable board is a great innovation and allows you to transport and store your paddle anywhere easily. It must also be said that the paddle is multi-purpose. Indeed, thanks to the stability that the board provides, it is possible to perform many activities from yoga to fitness. Whatever model you choose, inflatable or rigid and the activity practiced, a paddle is essential for this practice. For ease of transport and storage, opt for the 3-part Fiber RP paddle from Red Paddle


Find a large choice of paddle boards on Picksea.com, the best of the marine equipment. Our team has also selected a large choice ofpractical accessories for this sport, like the right paddle leash. This leash is ideal for surfing but also for paddling in complete safety. The neoprene around the ankle allows a pleasant and fixed grip

If you would like more information on the availability of certain models or advice on choosing your next paddle, please contact us Our team of experts is here, contact us !

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Discover new sensations with the Easy paddle packs!</h2> <p>The Easy SROKA packs are a turnkey paddle from the moment of purchase. Each Easy pack is composed of a Stand up paddle, an aluminium paddle, a leash (variable colour), a carrying bag and a repair kit. We have designed this pack to give you the opportunity to discover paddling at an affordable price. Easy to assemble and prepare, the Easy pack will answer all those who want to learn Stand Up Paddle with a stable and pleasant board with a refined design.</p> <p>Smaller builds will choose this 10′ pack and taller builds will go for the 10'6. <span>The Easy 11'6 and 12'6 packs are geared towards sporty touring. The beginners and big size riders will enjoy the stability and the glide of the 11'6 while the lighter and more skilful riders will enjoy the speed of the 12'6.</span> In addition, the anodized aluminum paddle supplied in the pack is removable and adjustable for optimal transport. The leash allows you to connect the board to your foot if you fall in the water. It is mandatory to wear it for safety reasons and it avoids paddling too much to get back on the board. This is a complete pack to learn Stand up paddle with the reliability of SROKA products.</p> <h2>Detailed characteristics of the packs, choose your size!</h2> </div>
  • <h2>Lightweight, floating SUP paddle in 3 parts</h2> <p>Lightweight (950g), floating Stand Up Paddle with a telescopic fiberglass shaft, which will be perfect for your paddle outings, whether you are a beginner or an advanced paddler. It can be dismantled in 3 parts, with a maximum length of 86cm. Its blade is made of nylon loaded with fiberglass, with a dimension of 23cm X 43cm.</p> <h2>Characteristics of the SUP paddle in 3 parts</h2>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>The Sroka aluminium paddle 2 or 3 parts : </h2> <p><span>The handle is made of anodized aluminum for maximum strength. The small fiber loaded blade will give you a better lightness and solidity</span><span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span><span>Available in 2 or 3 parts for more comfort. This aluminium paddle is adjustable from 173 to 214 cm long and its blade measures 18 cm. Ideal for discovering paddling. </span></p> <h2><span>Detailed characteristics of the aluminium paddle 2 or 3 parts :</span></h2> </div>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Adjustable telescopic spare paddle in sizes 55 cm to 107 cm</h2> <p>This telescopic aluminium paddle is adjustable in length. Compact, it measures 55cm when folded, 107cm when unfolded. Practical, it could be useful in case of a hard blow in a boat or lack of wind in a dinghy! Sold by 2, easy to store in a trunk or even in a bag.</p> </div> <h2>Characteristics of Plastimo telescopic spare paddles</h2>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"><h2>This 3-piece SUP paddle at 50% carbon is one of the best value for money</h2><p>This Paddle 50% vario carbon, 3-part plastic blade with 50 mm shaft% The paddle is made of carbon fiber for a better responsiveness and to maximize the lightness of the paddle. The fiber loaded blade with carbon design makes this paddle one of the best paddles on the market. Ideal for first paddle strokes. Available in 3 parts (adjustable and removable) for more comfort. It is possible to adjust the length of the paddle thanks to its Vario shaft. In one click the size can be adjusted according to your desires.</p><h2>Characteristics of the Carbon 50 Shaft 3P paddle</h2></div>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>An ultra light RED PADDLE paddle transportable in 3 parts for the Inflatable SUP</h2> <p>This fiberglass SUP paddle, perfect for accompanying your stand up paddle, will delight paddlers looking for more lightness. The progressive curve of the blade and the flexibility of the shaft will improve your performance and give an extra spring to your paddle strokes. <br />Moreover, this paddle can be disassembled in 3 parts and is easily transportable to accompany you on your outings.</p> <h2>Detailed characteristics of the RED PADDLE 3 parts fiberglass paddle</h2> </div>
    Fiber RP 3-part SUP paddle

    Fiber RP 3-part SUP paddle

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>The Paddle SUP REGLABLE ALU S 2 parts of Bic Sport</h2> The essential accessory for the rider, for the <strong>Stand Up Paddle</strong>. With its aluminium handle and polycarbonate blade, the <strong>paddle SUPLABLE S 2P</strong> is ideal for smaller surfers and children. This <strong>paddle</strong>will allow you to perform at high paddling speeds. Equipped with an adjustment clip, you can adapt your paddle to your size and style. Its little plus, this paddle can be dismantled in 2 parts, which makes its transport and storage much easier.</div> <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>The characteristics of the Paddle SUP REGLABLE ALU S 2 parts of Bic Sport</h2> </div>
    SUP Travel Alu 3-part...

    SUP Travel Alu 3-part paddle 170-210cm

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