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Boat glasses strap

Picksea offers a selection of eyewear straps. They will allow you to adjust and maintain your glasses on your head. This way, you won't have to worry about them falling in the water because of a gust of wind.

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  • <h2>Floatation lanyard with silicone tips by Julbo</h2> <p>This silicon sunglasses cord with float provides great buoyancy to keep your glasses on even in the most challenging conditions. The silicone tube ends keep the temples securely in place. Adjustable at the back of the head.</p> <h2>Find all Julbo eyewear on our website</h2> <p>Created in 1888 in Morez, France, Julbo is a brand of eyewear and sports accessories that accompanies sportsmen and women in their various activities by offering them quality products. You can find most of their models on Picksea.com, which will perfectly suit your hobbies and passions!</p> <h2>Floating lanyard features</h2>

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