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The use of dinghies is an essential component of cruising as they are often needed to go ashore, once the boat is anchored or moored to a mooring. The regulations consider a dinghy as a "beach craft" which means that it cannot go further than 300 meters from a coastal shelter or from its carrier boat. It is also strongly recommended to wear a lifejacket equipped with a lighted marker when traveling between the boat and the land.

Inflatable dinghies

Picksea offers you a selection of inflatable dinghies to go ashore once your boat is at anchor or simply to go for a ride around your boat! The models offered are: the Horizon inflatable dinghy from Plastimo with a inflatable floora slatted floor and wooden seat for 2 or 3 people depending on the size chosen. The inflatable dinghy is a very good alternative when you want to keep it on board during your cruises, it takes very little space and can be inflated easily with a manual or electric pump.

Rigid tenders

We also offer you rigid dinghies to go on board or to go ashore safely when your boat is on its mooring or its trunk. You can also use them to work on the hull or to go back and forth between your boat and the land. Choose the color of your dinghy and its size according to the number of people to embark. For 1 or 2 people you can choose the Sportyak 213 model. For up to 3 people choose the Sportyak 245

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