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Recycled sail pockets

Convenient for men or women, the 727 zippered pockets are made from 100% recycled sailcloth. If you are looking for originality, we offer you our selection of sails pockets. Handmade, they are unique. Choose from our selection according to your wishes and needs. If you would like a colour that is not shown, please contact us: we can supply 727 Sailbags, a local partner for Picksea, very quickly.

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  • <h2>The 727 Sailbag with strap!</h2> <p>The pouch with strap is made of 100% recycled sail material. Its shape and weight make it a perfect accessory for summer evenings. It has a sailor look and a zip to protect your belongings. Inside, you can find an authentication card to trace the origins of the sail.</p> <h2>Features of the pouch with strap!</h2>
    Strap pocket
    727 SAILBAGS

    Strap pocket

    • €37.50
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>The Harken sailor's briefcase on a carbon sailcloth</h2> <p>The Harken document case is a must for sailors and racers who want to protect their documents or racing instructions from the elements. Made of Kevlar sailcloth and ultra-strong, water-resistant canvas, the document case will protect your papers in style. Harken Case remains a very practical marine accessory on a boat! Find other accessories and all the sailor's luggage on Picksea.</p> <h2>A marine accessory by the famous brand Harken</h2> <p>The Harken document holder is a marine accessory which is very useful for the Skippers. It is part of the practical and quality accessories made by brands like Harken. Thought for the regatta and/or the cruise, this small accessory for yachtsman and navigator allows to carry documents and/or other business while protecting them from the spray and the water.</p> </div>
  • <h2>Wallet "le compact" made with recycled sails</h2> <p>Made from recycled sailcloth, this unique women's wallet is enhanced by its dacron and leather or linen inserts, its red interior and its metal zip with gold finish.</p> <p><em>This product is made from 100% recycled sails that have been sailed. This makes it a unique product, which may look different from the picture shown. In particular, we keep the traces, folds and seams that carry the history of each sail.</em></p> <h2>Detailed features of the compact wallet!</h2>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>A zipped pocket to store your papers, passport...</h2> <p><span>This pouch made of recycled boat sails will easily accompany you from the<span>n everyday life</span> or during your travels to carry your passport and other documents!<br /></span></p> <h2>Detailed features of the 727 Sailbags zipper pouch</h2> </div>

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