Our selection of products by trade

Welcome to the Picksea professional area. Our team offers you a selected range of equipment and materials by professional universe chosen among the best brands we distribute: Guy Cotten, Grundens, Helly Hansen Workwear as well as Zhik or Musto. Depending on your needs, you can either create a professional account and order directly online, or ask us for a quote by calling 02 97 11 80 95 or using our online form.


Whether it is to dress your crew, equip you with the best brands or fit out your boat, our team of experts is at your disposal to inform and advise you. Choosing Picksea also means having access to a wide range of brands, which will allow you to get the best quality/price ratio according to your budget. If you wish to have your clothing or bags branded with your boat's or sponsor's colours, our team can offer you different branding techniques: embroidery, silk-screen transfer or simple silk-screen printing on the back, heart or shoulder. For yachts sailing under the French professional flag or under a foreign flag, we have the possibility of invoicing duty free, subject to the production of documents and certificates provided by the Doaune. For offshore racing crews, Picksea can also provide you with safety equipment such as life jackets, distress beacons or life rafts... We are referenced with the biggest manufacturers and distributors of safety equipment such as Plastimo or Interdist and our experience of sailing allows us to advise you in the best way


As a major distributor of Guy Cotten, Grundens, Le Chameau and many other brands, Picksea is a major partner of the professional fishing, fishmonger's and fishmonger's world. With Picksea, you can choose and mix your equipment by choosing among all these brands, the equipment best adapted to your organization, your activity and your budget. We can offer you a wide range of hard wearing waxed aprons such as the Skandia thick apron with straps or the Crab short apron. As we often work in difficult conditions and particularly in cold environments, Picksea has selected many models of waxed or polar jackets or mixed jackets such as the Kodiak jacket by Guy Cotten, which is much appreciated by all those involved in the fish industry. The choice of boots is also very important in these professions where you are frequently on your feet: in search of comfort and good insulation, we have selected the best brands of professional boots such as Le Chameau or now Rouchette without forgetting the very wide range of Guy Cotten boots. Gloves and cuffs are also a very important component of the protection of sailors, fishmongers and fishmongers: we offer a selection of the best products, some of which are very insulating and protective from the cold, such as Dexshell's waterproof and anti-abrasion gloves. Fishermen with a registered boat can benefit from a VAT exemption: contact us on 02 97 11 80 95 for more information.


Professionals in agriculture, forestry, viticulture and landscaping will find on our site a selection of Guy Cotten and Helly Hansen Workwear products specially designed for agricultural activities, such as the Isofarmer oilskins, which are very long and protect the legs of users from moisture. Some models from Grundens can be perfectly adapted to agricultural work, as their jackets and coats are particularly resistant: for example, the Brigg hard-wearing jacket is a model that has been chosen by many foresters and wine growers to stay dry and have a fabric that is very resistant to scratches from branches.


Find in the Cotten, Grundens and Helly Hansen Workwear ranges our selection of protective clothing designed specifically for the construction industry, such as the Gale trousers, outdoor work or quarries. The transport, traffic and public works professions will also find at Picksea many models of high visibility oilskins with reflective stripes such as the Pegasus model from Grundens or the Paraflash waterproof oilskin from Guy Cotten. Of course, we also offer you the oilskins and trousers that go with the oilskin jackets to allow you to have a complete and visible protection. All this selection is composed of a range of very useful accessories for professionals such as waterproof bags like those of the Hpa brand, headlamps, Leatherman multifunction tools or knives.

Resolutely turned towards the professionals to bring them advice and reactivity on the choice of the products as well as on the possibilities of marking and personalization, the team of Picksea remains at your disposal either by telephone in 02 97 11 80 95 or by email with our form contact.