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River licence

The "inland waterways" licence allows you to steer a motor boat of more than 6 hp at sea and less than 20 metres on French and European rivers and canals. This licence allows you to navigate on canals, navigable rivers and inland lakes and waterways. It should be noted that a coastal licence is valid for sailing on closed lakes such as Lake Annecy or Lake Geneva.


The river licence consists of three parts which aim to give you the skills to be the skipper of a motorised pleasure boat on inland waters:

Acquisition of theoretical knowledge on regulations, the river environment and its protection, buoyage, signalling, rules for traffic between boatls, use of the VHF ... This acquisition is validated by an official exam of 30 MCQs with a minimum of 25 correct answers.

Practical training in the general skills of the skipper in the use and testing of the safety equipment, the practice of use of the VHF and the taking into account of environmental information on the navigation conditions. This part of the training is validated by the trainer of the school boat.

Practical training in the driving and basic manoeuvres of a motorboat. After training in the use of the engine and the handling of the boat, you will be trained in the mastery of five fundamental manoeuvres: the use of alignments, docking and undocking, and the taking of the boot, anchoring and finally the recovery of a person who has fallen into the water.

It should be noted that a person who already holds the coastal licence only has to pass the theory test and does not have to repeat the practical training.


  • characteristics of waterways and water bodies
  • the operation of guarded locks, automatic or manual
  • the operation of the dams and the safety instructions to be observed
  • parking and mooring conditions
  • definitions of the most common terms used by boaters
  • the duty of care
  • rules of the road and parking
  • visual and sound signalling, knowledge of the rules for marking navigable waterways and bodies of water
  • the marking of boats, identification marks
  • special provisions for small boats
  • the essential notions on the organisation and missions of the services in charge of waterways, visits and control
  • basic knowledge of special police regulations
  • regulations concerning the boatmaster's licence for motorized pleasure boat
  • the number of people or load on board
  • environmental protection: maintenance of the boat, discharges, protection of the banks, fauna and flora
  • Use of the VHF inland waters

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>The Navigation Guide to discover the vast network of French waterways</h2> <p>These guides cover the main French waterways. At the beginning of each guide covering a different geographical area, navigation advice gives the gauge of the waterways concerned, the precautions to take and all the useful addresses for the navigator. A table of distances allows the calculation of the passage times between the main route marks, ports and stops. In each new edition, the EDB guide brings together the best addresses and good tips along the waterways, tourist sites, restaurants, markets, etc.</p> <p>For each river, canal, a map oriented North-South, recalls the marine charts at a scale of 1/50 000 for the canals and 1/25 000 for the rivers. All the markers and buoys are also indicated to allow safe navigation.</p> <h2>Characteristics of the EDB Guide Voies Naviguables Françaises</h2> </div>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Boating Licence Candidate Booklet by Vagnon</h2> <p>In accordance with the regulations, this set of 2 booklets is compulsory to follow the training to drive motorized pleasure boats, coastal option or inland water option, but it is above all a real training tool:</p> <p><strong>It is a practical manual</strong> which details the objectives 1 to 18 of the practical training and the manoeuvres to be learned with access to explanatory videos</p> <p><strong>It's a reminder</strong> for you: everything you need to remember for the coastal exam and for sailing</p> <p><strong>It is the official regulatory support</strong> referenced and validated by the Direction des Affaires Maritimes</p> <h2>Find out everything about the boating licence on our website</h2> <p>You can find on Picksea.com everything related to the boating license, such as the boating license test and codes published by the prestigious brand Vagnon.</p> <h2>Features</h2> </div>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Code Vagnon Pleasure Craft Licence inland waterways option</h2> <p>For more than thirty years, this code has been the instrument of your success in the examination for the pleasure craft licence, inland waterways option, and the precious advisor for safe navigation.</p> <h2>Find out everything about the inland waterways option on our website</h2> <p>You can find on Picksea.com everything related to the inland waterways licence, such as the Inland Waterways Licence Test published by the prestigious brand Vagnon, or the DVD associated with the inland waterways option.</p> <h2>Detailed features</h2> </div>

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