Personnalisation equipements

Customize your equipment with Picksea

PICKSEA offers a personalisation service dedicated to professionals and crews. You need technical equipment or images for your sponsor, a professional use or for any other request? We offer you a discount on the purchase price of the products as well as a personalisation service for professional marking:

  • Our advisers will assist and guide you to find THE equipment that perfectly matches your expectations and your budget in the Picksea catalogue but also among many alternatives dedicated to professional crews, even the production of special or modified series for your special needs.
  • We can customize your equipment in the colours of your crew or an event, for your employees and customers. Available for series of 5 to several hundred pieces, the Picksea Customize marking service is based on 5 years of know-how developed in collaboration with the top-of-the-range brands we distribute.

Support to help you find THE product that perfectly matches your expectations

Our online shop has about 20,000 products, you don't find a suitable answer in our catalogue? We can help you to find the rare gem within our Picksea Customize realizations and on a product supplier base of more than 300 000 products! If you have technical questions or specific expectations about an identified product, our advisers will be able to suggest alternatives and offer you a discount depending on the volume you wish to order.

Make your request for a quote online by contacting us by phone or by sending us an email through the contact form we will answer you in 24 hours!

Modification of a product to suit your needs

You are very tall and thin and the suits you are trying on that match your height are not sufficiently adjusted to your body? You are a professional and are looking for a waterproof bag with a special shape?

For whatever reason, is a product right for you, down to the last detail?

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote to see if, in collaboration with the manufacturers of the products, we can help you design a custom-made product! For certain requests in number or with specific specifications, Picksea Customize will propose an option of modification on production line or special production.

To do so, contact us by phone or by sending us an email using the contact form below, we will answer you in 24 hours!

Marking your equipment

Do you want to personalize your equipment for your crew at the next regatta, for your staff at a particular event, or to offer goodies in the image of your company to your customers?

Picksea offers quality marking solutions in embroidery, screen printing or hot transfer, on series from 5 to more than 200 products of major brands of marine clothing, accessories and nautical equipment. For certain products that are more delicate to mark, such as waterproof bags, or technical clothing for example, marking is carried out in collaboration with the manufacturers so as not to alter the properties of the products.

Quarter jacket, light jacket, polo shirt, shorts, hat, cap, waterproof bag, duffel bag or even recycled sail decoration... choose your product and customize it! Do not hesitate to look in our "customizable clothing" section, this list is not exhaustive, if you want another product available on our site, you can also customize it!

Once you have chosen your product, you can request a quote online by contacting us by phone or sending us an email using the contact form below, we will answer you in 24 hours!

Crews / Sailing schools / Associations


For the next regatta, put your sponsor's name on your sailing equipment. A series of polo shirts embroidered with the name of your boat, Picksea can make you a personalised offer at a reduced price.

Companies: Customers & Collaborators

Choose a polo shirt, fleece or a light jacket marked in the colours of your event so that your employees or customers will gladly remember the event and keep a quality gift. Propose goodies or cool promotional items to communicate a sailing and sporting image!

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