VHF RT411+ Portable Waterproof and Floating
  • VHF RT411+ Portable Waterproof and Floating
  • VHF RT411+ Portable Waterproof and Floating
  • Etanche contre les paquets de mer
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  • Reference: NA-VHF-RT411-PLUS

VHF Handheld RT411+ Waterproof and Floating

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Detailed features

Navicom handheld VHF RT411+ 6W 

The Navicom RT411+ handheld VHF is the best selling portable VHF. It is very easy to use, compact, robust and reliable. It will accompany you in all your navigations! Waterproof IPX6 and floating, it has a battery life of about 12 hours. 

Reminder of the French regulations concerning the use of VHF

A maritime radio station licence is mandatory, including for a portable VHF. It can be obtained free of charge from the Agence Nationale de Fréquences by logging on to the anfr.fr website

In French waters (waters bordering the French coastline up to 12 miles from the coast or the French river network), it is not necessary to have a maritime or river CRR (restricted radiotelephone operator certificate)

It is forbidden to use a VHF on land

Technical features of VHF RT411+ Navicom

  • Guaranteed 2 years
  • Floating
  • Size: 160x60x37
  • Waterproofness IPX6
  • Autonomy of the batery in activation 12h
  • Autonomy in sleep mode 30:2 am adjustable power levels 1 and 5 watts

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