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Waterproof pouches

Take with you your phone, wallet and other papers thanks to the waterproof bag. Your belongings will stay dry during your leisure activities. Less cumbersome than a waterproof bagThe bag is less bulky than a pannier, but still guarantees excellent waterproofing.

The waterproof bag, useful in everyday life

In many situations, a waterproof bag can be very useful, for a daily use, at work, on a boat or at the beach. The bag allows you to safely carry your belongings, accessories or other types of small equipment. Very practical for your weekends hiking, the waterproof backpackas well as the waterproof suitcaseguarantee you an optimal waterproofness to protect all types of stuff. Also find, among our selection of bags waterproofsa complete range of waterproof shells and covers, ensuring protection and waterproofing for your laptop.

The underwater waterproof bag, ideal for your extreme water sports

For the practice of water sports, more extreme sometimes requiring the immersion of your bag under water, we have selected for you several models of waterproof backpacks. This type of waterproof bag guarantees maximum waterproofness with an IPX8 rating, i.e. the bag remains completely waterproof to a depth of at least 3 metres. The waterproof bags have a zip closure (the same used for the drysuits).

A large choice of waterproof bags on

With more than 200 models available, you can find the best waterproof bags from the biggest brands. From Guy Cotten'sUno bag to Smart Tube from Zulupackdiscover our wide selection of bags on our online store. Do you need information? An advice? Our team will be happy to provide you with its expertise. Contact us or consult all our advice in order to how to choose a waterproof bag.

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Waterproof front panniers for lowriders</h2> <p>The Front-Roller Classic is a pair of front panniers for bicycles and is designed for use on low-rider front wheel racks or rear racks. This model can also be installed on a child's bike. The Ortlieb Quick-lock1 system allows you to quickly attach and detach this bag from your bike. They are rainproof (IP64) thanks to their robust material (heat-sealed polyester fabric) and their roll-up closure. Delivered in pairs, these bags include: an integrated interior pocket, large reflective strips and a shoulder strap.</p> <h2>Find the widest range of waterproof bags for bikes and boats on</h2> <p>Discover the wide range of waterproof bags, waterproof panniers, waterproof hulls and waterproof cases on our selection of the best brands for boats and nautical leisure activities. Ortlieb, Guy Cotten, Musto, Feelfree, Peli, all these brands are grouped in our selection for their original, performing products or simply the most requested by the professionals of the sea.</p> <h2>Detailed features of the Ortlieb Front Roller Classic bike panniers</h2> </div>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Essential security for your keys and papers on a boat</h2> This case is designed to hold a few bills and credit cards as well as a bunch of keys. Its design ensures the buoyancy of the whole. So don't risk losing your keys and cash on the boat, the floating wallet is a guarantee against unpleasant surprises when you disembark.</div> <h2>Detailed characteristics of the wallet</h2>
    Floating wallet

    Floating wallet

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  • <h2>The waterproof chest pocket from Spinlock</h2> <p>This is the "baby" of the range! Ideal for the essentials, it is lightly padded with a structured two-way zip for easy access. It's the self-draining bag that goes everywhere. Features a lanyard and clip attachment for security. Fits all belts with the secure double clip attachment. The bag is of course compatible with Deckvest 2014 with toggle attachment point. Perfect for carrying essentials such as knife, PLB, wet notes, camera, phone, snacks.</p> <h2>Features of the chest bag</h2>
    Chest pocket

    Chest pocket

    • €18.42
  • <h2>The BELT PACK beltpack from Spinlock</h2> <p>This medium sized bag is ideal for everyday items. Lightly padded and with easy access through a two-way zipper the belt pack is sure to be of great use to you. It is self-draining and has a viewing window on top. There is also an anchor point and key clip for added security. Able to fit on all belts with a foldable double security velcro attachment. Indispensable for carrying essentials such as a knife, PLB, documents, camera, mobile phone, snacks...</p> <h2>Features of the BELT PACK belt</h2>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>A waterproof bag to protect all your documents - FEEL FREE</h2> <p>Water can sometimes damage or even ruin your precious documents. The waterproof bag FreeRunner EX, is equipped with two closing modes to make it waterproof or impermeable. It is therefore the perfect product to protect them from any liquid projections. The product has several storage compartments. The front pocket allows you to store small items such as your smartphone and keys. Inside the bag, you will find a removable protective cover to store your files or digital tablet. This bag can be worn as a shoulder bag, and with the second strap, you can hold it close to your body for added security.</p> <h2>Detailed features of the waterproof bag - FE-FreeRunnerEXMblk</h2> </div>
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    Sacoche porte-documents et...
    WK Designed To Work

    Sacoche porte-documents et PC 15"

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  • <h2>The all-purpose waterproof bag by Feelfree to carry your wallet and phone to the beach</h2> <p>Waterproof bag to keep your belongings away from moisture when you go to the sea. Feelfree is a reference in terms of quality for waterproof bags. The perfect size to keep your wallet, mobile phone, MP3 player, ignition keys, GPS, and maps dry and safe.</p> <p>Closed size: height 22 cm, width 24 cm.</p> <h2>Detailed features of the Feelfree Jazz bag</h2>
  • <h2>The belt bag with bottle</h2> <p>This medium-sized pack is suitable for everyday essentials. Lightly padded with structured two-way zip for easy access. The bag is self draining and the bottle holder is secure. The 380ml water bottle is included. Also has lanyard attachment and clip for security. This pack fits all belts with the secure double clip attachment. A reflective strip is integrated on the front of the bag. This is the perfect pack for carrying essentials such as a knife, PLB, wet notes, camera, phone or snacks.</p> <h2>Characteristics of the Pack bag + water bottle</h2>

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