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It's THE solution for prolonging your sailing when the temperatures are low! Hoods, caps or neoprene ear protectors, choose what suits you best from the models available. The Hood X-Treme neoprene hood from Prolimit is ideal for winter windsurfing or surfing. Zhik's Superwarm neoprene headband is great for mid-season conditions when you don't want to be restricted in your movements. If you're looking for a warm cap that sits well on your head, choose the Polar Xtreme neoprene cap from Prolimit.

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  • <h2>K-UP's one-size-fits-all fleece beanie </h2> <p>One-size-fits-all 240g/m2 fleece beanie, which combines comfort and warmth. Its light, insulating and resistant fleece will offer you the certainty of having your head warm, with style! It will follow you everywhere: in boat, in bike, in mountain and in stroll.</p> <h2>Characteristics of the fleece beanie one size </h2>
  • <h2>A Superwarm headband to keep your head warm</h2> <p>This neoprene headband for the cold conditions of mid-season sailing. Complements the Zhik Superwarm gear, equivalent to a 5mm neoprene suit.</p> <h2>Features Superwarm headband</h2>

    Superwarm Neoprene Headband

    • €12.50
    Shipped within 24h
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>The warmest neoprene balaclava with a Zodiac lining</h2> <p>This neoprene balaclava is warmer than the others and will be suitable for colder sea outings or for those who are more chilly. Indeed, beyond the classic cut of the neoprene hood with visor, this one has an inner Zodiac coating, which provides a greater feeling of warmth, mixed with the contact of cold water. Combined with a good 5./3 neoprene wetsuit and booties, you will be able to sail in any weather.</p> <p>Discover also all our neoprene balaclavas<strong> <a title="cagoule neoprene" href="#cagoule_neoprene">by clicking here</a></strong></p> <h2>Detailed features of the Hood X-Treme Prolimit neoprene balaclava</h2> </div>

    Neoprene Hood X-Treme

    • €27.50
    Please call us +33 297 11 80 95

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