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Combinaison de Survie

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  • <h2>Insulated survival suit for cold water immersion</h2> <p>Insulated SOLAS suit, 150N buoyancy, can be worn without a brace, suitable for adults from 60 to 95 kg. Slippers with rubber soles and integrated neoprene gloves. Neoprene hood with face protection. Integrated harness</p>
  • <h2>The Sea Horse 5020 survival/rescue suit</h2> <p><span>The non-insulated Sea Horse survival suit is designed for intensive professional use. It is ideally suited for jobs in open sea conditions, as evidenced by the fact that border guards, sea rescue associations and merchant ships in several European countries use it and it has proven to be by far the best immersion suit. This suit is made of Gore-Tex® fabric based on the ePTFE membrane, which allows the vapour to penetrate </span><span class="mod" title="Il faut enlever l'espace devant la virgule.">,</span><span>but is completely waterproof. The seams are lined to prevent the seam from opening even when worn</span><span class="ver" title="Il faut &lt;i&gt;À&lt;/i&gt; (avec accent grave).">. A l</span><span>Inside, the joints are heat sealed and reinforced to be 100% watertight %. The suit is equipped with reflective strips in the right place, which ensure you are visible in all conditions, these are developed by 3M in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive.</span></p> <p><br />This combination with the SFU suit has the standard <strong>Solas 6 hours</strong>. This standard ensures that you will survive at sea for 6 hours in any environment (cold, heat, total immersion).</p> <h2>Detailed features of the Sea Horse 5020 survival / rescue suit</h2>

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