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Lure kit for trolling

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Detailed features

One of the best kits for trolling

Ready to go fishing? This lure kit is ready to use, you will love the construction of these lures mounted with bait springs and accompanied by their Balyhoo or bait straps. The heads of these lures are specifically designed to allow the spring to be adjusted at the back of the head to give maximum protection to the trolling bait. Six colours have been selected. Four birds have also been added (two hard and two soft) that you can mount in front of your lures or on a chain to attract fish to your baits. This kit is delivered in a bag specially designed to store your lures while protecting them.

Detailed characteristics of the Sailfish lure kit

  • Six decoys
  • Four birds
  • Of which two rigid and two flexible
  • Ready to use
  • Mounted with bait springs
  • Baluhoo or bait straps
  • Adjustable
  • Six colors available
  • Delivered with its protective cover

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    Lure head TRIPLE ACTION 20g

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