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  • Black Minnow 200 Kaki Body (x2) | Picksea
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Black Minnow 200 Kaki Body (x2)

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Detailed features

Khaki coloured replacement bodies for Black Minnow 200

This set of 2 Khaki coloured lure bodies for the Black Minnow 200 allows you to replace the bodies of your lure after a failed attack or damage. The extra soft body can get damaged, but thanks to the ultra simple assembly of the Black Minnow system, use these replacement bodies to easily replace them.

The Black Minnow, an innovative extra soft lure developed in Brittany

Designed around three main features, the Black Minnow is a soft lure that is ultra simple to use and has amazing performance. A hidden Krog hook allows you to fish very close to the bottom without fear of getting hooked. The PH2S attachment system optimises the lure's swimming action and makes it easy to attach while ensuring a very effective hooking action. Its natural appearance and fluid swimming action: the extra soft plastic body of the Black Minnow® is closely linked to its lead head giving it a very natural swimming action and balance. Its translucent tail and colours enhance its mimicry.

  • Suitable for Black Minnow 200
  • Extra soft bodies Black Minnow 200
  • Khaki Color
  • Packs of 2 soft bodies

The 6 steps for the assembly of the Black Minnow

  1. With the lead head upside down, insert the
    the flexible body to the end without forcing.
  2. Turn the lead head right side up so that it fits.
  3. Put, if necessary, a glue point between the head and the body.
  4. In
    through the opening on the underside of the soft body, look for the
    attachment system with the hook loop.
  5. Walk the hook along the head attachment and check that it is in place.
  6. Put the hook back through the soft body at the mark.

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