Bloc marine Atlantique 2022
  • Bloc marine Atlantique 2022
  • Reference: BM-BMA22

Atlantic Bloc Marine 2022

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Detailed features

Indispensable on board your boat: the Atlantic 2022 marine block

The Atlantic 2022 Marine Block is no longer available. This book contains all the compulsory and regulatory elements on board a boat and offers you access to all the essential documents on board. For this edition, a complete update of the mandatory 2022 regulations has been carried out and you will find in addition a special section devoted to new technologies: "electronics - equipment - home automation".. Browse the descriptions of the ports and benefit from all the updated approach charts (these are made every year according to the SHOM information). This marine guide allows you to save precious time in order to arrive at the port in complete serenity. A real bible for sailors and yachtsmen, it contains essential information for coastal and deep-sea navigation.

The marine block for the Atlantic : a navigation area from England to the Azores

Your marine block allows you to carry all the nautical documents required on board during your navigations. The Atlantic model (new edition 2022) is a great classic of the maritime bookshop and a reference book for sailors. Find our entire collection of coastal and marine pads on our Picksea shop, number one in nautical equipment on the internet.

Detailed summary of the Atlantic 2022 Marine Block

Atlantic Block 2022 edition covering the following navigation areas: English Channel, England, Belgium, Dunkirk to La Hague, La Hague to Brest, Brest to Saint-Nazaire, Saint-Nazaire to Montalivet, Montalivet to Hendaye, Spain, Atlantic.

Sections present :

Navigation Essentials
  • national flags
  • international code of signals
  • port traffic signals
  • AISM marine buoyage
  • rule of the road and helm
  • beach marking
  • reduced visibility-distress
  • night marks
  • day marks
  • sailboat
  • motor boat
  • technical glossary
Your boat
  • more about osmosis
  • checklist
  • disarm
  • reset
  • inboard and outboard engine
  • more about sails
Life at sea
  • Seamanship
  • conversion and measurement
  • docking
  • mooring, anchoring
  • sea fishing
  • underwater fishing
  • scuba diving
  • recreational fishing
  • the Pelagos Sanctuary
New technology for yachting
  • Knowing the on-board electronics
  • The equipment
  • Home automation on board
Your navigation
On-board communication
  • mobile phone
  • VHF
  • computers and tablets
  • walkie-talkies
  • BLU
  • portable satellite links
  • fixed satellite links
  • systems involved in GMDSS
Navigation aids
  • the compass
  • electronic navigation
  • reading of nautical charts
  • celestial navigation
  • weather maps
  • disturbances
  • the sky
  • the wind
  • breezes
  • weather glossary
  • the development of weather forecasts
  • the services of METEO CONSULT
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
  • use of the logbook
  • logbook
Regulations and rescue
  • Maritime Affairs
  • Pleasure Craft Operator's Licence
  • Maritime Gendarmerie
  • Customs and Taxation
  • regional services
  • marine regulations-annexes
  • mandatory materials and documents
  • RIPAM: international regulations to prevent collisions at sea
  • the legal keys of Legiplaisance
Relief and emergency
  • sea rescue and CROSS
  • helitacking
  • life-saving gestures
  • medical aid at sea
  • physical accidents
  • assistance and rescue at sea
  • the insurance contract
  • lifeguards at sea

Tide directories

  • Main ports
  • Coefficients
  • Secondary ports

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