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Navigator Ascension Pack

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Detailed features

Navigator Climbing Pack

This complete pack will provide you with all the necessary elements for a climb in any size rig or for any other climbing or rappelling activity. With this selection, you'll have all the tools you need to move safely, efficiently and professionally in your rig for repairs, maintenance or installation of equipment on your boat.

Detailed features and contents of the Petzl Pack

  • CORAX Harness: The CORAX multipurpose adjustable harness is the essential tool for safe sailing on the masts of all rigs. The two belt loops allow it to be adapted to all user morphologies and provide great freedom of movement.
  • GRIGRI+: This compact self-braking descender for professional use allows you to free or block the rope. Swivel cam for easy slack adjustment. Compatible with 10.5 to 11.5 mm ropes
  • AM'D TL: "D" shaped carabiner for connecting equipment to the harness. This carabiner is very versatile due to its shape, allowing it to be used in all circumstances. It can be used to connect a belay system or as a lanyard end. The AM'D Triact-Lock carabiner is one of the strongest and lightest carabiners in the Petzl catalog.
  • Spirit: Straight-finger carabiner for any attachment. Its simplicity makes it robust and ergonomic. Its 49 grams of hot-forged 7000 series aluminum provide a resistance of 23 kN for the large axis, 9.5 kN for the open finger and 10 kN for the small axis. Finger opening 20 mm. (delivered in 2 pieces).
  • Footcord: This adjustable pedal, consisting of a sturdy webbing and a nylon cord, allows for quick and safe climbing of the mast. It is installed in one of the lower holes of the ascent blocker.
  • Carritool: This tool holder allows you to take out and store your tools with one hand. The external pre-hook allows you to choose between several tools up to 15 Kg of material. Hole for tying a captive tie on the tools. Slips into belt loops or Corax harness.
  • Bucket bag: Self-supporting 25-litre waterproof canvas bag. Its straps and ring allow you to carry it in a variety of ways: over the shoulder, by hand, or roped up. An external pocket for small personal effects.
  • Axis Rope: 30 meter 11 mm rope with high abrasion resistance. Resistant up to 22 kN and impact strength of 5.1 kN with a factor of 0.3.
  • Connect Adjust Lanyard: This adjustable lanyard allows you to hover on a halyard rather than risk a free rope climb. Adjustable with the Double Back loop and installed on the Corax harness with a lark's head.
  • Ascender: This ergonomic right-handed ascender allows you to ascend in all conditions thanks to a pimpled trigger and release. Holes for connecting a lanyard and a pedal as well as the ascension rope. Compatible with ropes from 8 to 13 mm.

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