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Corax Harness

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Detailed features

The Corax harness from Petzl

The adjustable and versatile CORAX harness is the essential tool for safe climbing on all types of rigs. The two belt loops allow it to be adapted to all user morphologies and provide great freedom of movement. Perfectly adapted to the number 1 position on a boat, it is basically intended for beginners or experienced climbers.

Detailed characteristics of the Corax

  • 3 year warranty
  • Size S - M (size 1) :
    • Waist circumference 60-90 cm
    • Thigh circumference 48-58 cm
    • Weight 490 g
  • Size L - XL (size 2) :
    • Waist 75-105 cm
    • Thigh circumference 56-68 cm
    • Weight 530 g
  • Adjustable thigh and waist sizes to fit different layers of clothing.
  • Frame Construction technology, with breathable monofilament mesh that distributes pressure across the seat to provide comfortable support.
  • DoubleBack buckle design aids in adjustment and prevents mishandling.
  • Knitted polyester on the inside of the support surfaces for better ventilation of perspiration and faster drying of the material.
  • Perforated closed cell foam on the thighs to improve breathability.
  • 2 belt loops for centering the roping point and gear loops on each side
  • Identifiable green belay loop for connecting a device
  • Reinforcements on the roping points to increase resistance in the friction zones
  • Inclined rigid gear loops at the front for easy access to gear Rear soft gear loops do not create a backpacking pressure point
  • Rear loop for hauling rope
  • 2 loops for CARITOOL tool holder carabiner.
  • Detachable thigh elastics.

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