Waterproof Duffle Bag 40L TiZip | Picksea
  • Waterproof Duffle Bag 40L TiZip | Picksea
  • Waterproof Duffle Bag 40L TiZip | Picksea
  • Waterproof Duffle Bag 40L TiZip | Picksea
  • Waterproof Duffle Bag 40L TiZip | Picksea
  • Waterproof Duffle Bag 40L TiZip | Picksea
  • Waterproof Duffle Bag 40L TiZip | Picksea
  • Etanche à l'immersion brève
  • 35 to 55 litres
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  • Reference: OR-K1474

Waterproof Duffle Bag 40L TiZip

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Detailed features

Ortlieb's ultra waterproof small backpack/duffle bag, a unique waterproof technology!

The Duffle of Ortlieb is ideal for expeditions or weekends, and is available in 4 different colours in 40L! Equipped with a TIZIP closurethis bag is waterproof and dustproof (IP-67 standard). This model has been designed for optimal comfort, with removable padded straps, it can be worn by hand or in a bag. backpack. Inside, there is also a compression strap and two inside pockets. It also includes an external mesh pocket (not waterproof). So, with an Ortlieb bag, you are sure to have a completely waterproof bag, with its special zip and state of the art technology.

Features of the Ortlieb Duffle Tizip 40L

  • Dimensions: 53x31x22 cm
  • Capacity 40 litres
  • Weight: 922 grams
  • Long zipper
  • Wear-resistant reinforced base
  • Material: PD620/PD620 (Polyester fabric, PU coated)
  • Bag with carrying handle, converts into a backpack
  • Volume: 40 litres


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