Waterproof Bag N3 50 liters | Picksea
  • Waterproof Bag N3 50 liters | Picksea
  • Waterproof Bag N3 50 liters | Picksea
  • Waterproof Bag N3 50 liters | Picksea
  • Waterproof Bag N3 50 liters | Picksea
  • Waterproof Bag N3 50 liters | Picksea
  • Etanche aux projections d'eau
  • 35 to 55 litres
  • 1
  • Made in france
  • Reference: GC-N3-ROUGE

Waterproof Bag N3 50 liters

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Detailed features

The Guy Cotten N3 50 litre waterproof bag

Tubular waterproof bag for the sailor who wants to keep his equipment dry. In line with the other Guy Cotten models, the N3 is distinguished by its 50 litre capacity. Ideal for unloading the dinghy when the boat is at anchor. Roll-up closure: this Guy Cotten bag is watertight thanks to its roll-up closure system, which is very practical at sea for quickly stowing your belongings inside (or taking them out). This type of waterproof bag in the form of a tube is very useful and effective for accessing your belongings, which are very well protected from the water.

Characteristics of the Guy Cotten N3 waterproof bag

  • Dimensions of the bag: Diameter 27cm, height unclosed 100cm
  • FERRASAC fabric: 630g/m².
  • Closed by rolling
  • Thick and very resistant
  • High-frequency weldable fabric par excellence, makes for excellent waterproof bags. 
  • Guy Cotten quality
  • Made in France

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