SUP 810 board holder | Picksea
  • SUP 810 board holder | Picksea
  • SUP 810 board holder | Picksea
  • SUP 810 board holder | Picksea
  • Reference: PR-HO-sup-taxi-810

SUP 810 board holder

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Detailed features

The Thule Stand-Up Paddleboard

This paddle board holder has universal and secure fixings. Its design allows it to fit boards from 700 to 860 mm wide. Because your boards are important to you, Thule has incorporated steel-reinforced straps and strong spring locks into this board rack. A level of security that is unmatched! To make loading easier, there is an integrated fastening strap. During transport, your board will be protected by the soft, weatherproof padding. Convenient and easy installation thanks to the SPeed-Link mounting system.

Features of the Thule STand-Up Paddleboard

  • Boat load capacity: 2 boards
  • Maximum load: 25 kg Suitable for Thule WingBar, Thule SlideBar, profile bars, square bars
  • Compliant with City Crash regulations
  • Sku number : 810
  • Lockable

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