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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>The D-Spicer kit to make your own dyneema splices and loops</h2> <p>The <strong>D-Splicer</strong> is a reference tool for sailors, riggers and sportsmen who make their own splices and loops on modern ropes. The conventional technical limits of splitting with hollow needles are beginning to be reached, especially with Dyneema ropes under 4mm diameter, as these can become a real challenge to split for splicing.</p> <p><span>The handle of the D-splicer is made of anodized aluminum, this type of aluminum is reinforced by a surface treatment which confers a corrosion resistance to him, as for its needle it is out of stainless steel to resist the wet and salty environment.</span></p> <p>The D-Splicer is suitable for the finest ropes (<strong>less than 4mm</strong>) and in other situations where conventional needles would not work.</p> <h2>Detailed features of the D-splicer kit</h2> </div>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Splicing needles of all sizes and for all purposes!</h2> <p>This splicing needle is a rather rigid metal rod bent in two and ending with a fixed handle. It works in the opposite way to the hollow needle, in fact this one is used by pulling the needle and not by pushing it.</p> <p><strong>XL Series</strong><span><span> fixed needles are also available in </span><span>long sizes (50 cm) for sizes F15, F20 and F25. </span><span>Those -</span><span>These are made for professional riggers.</span></span></p> <h2>The different needle sizes and diameters</h2> </div>

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Splicing needle manufacturer
The D-Splicer is a product for sailors and riggers. Most sailors who separate and work with ropes have reached the limits of the conventional needle separation technique. Especially thinner Dyneema ropes can be a challenge. The D-Splicer comes from the practice of supplementing separating needles.