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  • Daniamant W4 Flashlight for Automatic Life Jackets | Picksea
  • Reference: 4W-SE400814

Daniamant W4 Flashlight for Automatic Life Jackets

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Detailed features

A FlashLight to be integrated in the lifejacket!

This heavy-duty, compact lamp can be clipped onto a strap of automatic lifejacket and is triggered by contact with water in the event of a fall into the sea. The flashes generated by this flashlight are visible for several kilometers around and this for a duration of 12 hours. This significantly increases the chances of survival in the event of an accident. The extra flat dome of the lamp and the tamper-proof clip make it very resistant also during rescue operations. Can be turned off manually once triggered. Fits all types of straps (vests, wetsuits, survival suits) up to 40mm wide.

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Detailed characteristics of the lamp Flash Auto W4 Dianiamant Solas

  • Automatic Flash Lamp for life jackets or dry suits
  • Complies with the new safety at sea regulations, division 240
  • Possibility to test the lamp out of the water
  • Heavy duty clip for straps up to 40mm
  • Very small footprint, extra flat dome
  • Supplied with a lithium battery, valid for 5 years
  • Autonomy of more than 12h in use
  • SOLAS approved.

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