Book for the Coastal or River Boating Licence Candidate | Vagnon
  • Book for the Coastal or River Boating Licence Candidate | Vagnon
  • Book for the Coastal or River Boating Licence Candidate | Vagnon
  • Reference: VA47017

Boating Permit Candidate Book

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Boating Licence Candidate Booklet by Vagnon

In accordance with the regulations, this set of 2 booklets is compulsory to follow the training to drive motorized pleasure boats, coastal option or inland water option, but it is above all a real training tool:

It is a practical manual which details the objectives 1 to 18 of the practical training and the manoeuvres to be learned with access to explanatory videos

It's a reminder for you: everything you need to remember for the coastal exam and for sailing

It is the official regulatory support referenced and validated by the Direction des Affaires Maritimes

Find out everything about the boating licence on our website

You can find on Picksea.com everything related to the boating license, such as the boating license test and codes published by the prestigious brand Vagnon.


Contains many tips and advice on all practical skills. This makes this manual not only a regulatory book but above all a practical guide for your first sea trips:

  • 128 pages (candidate's booklet)
  • 12 pages (certification booklet)
  • Format: 15 x 21 cm

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