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  • Barracuda Duffle 138L waterproof bag | Picksea
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Barracuda Duffle 138L waterproof bag

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Detailed features

A professional quality mega waterproof bag

Need more room? This mega waterproof bag allows all the excesses. 138 liters of capacity, 95 cm long, it is the ideal capacity for the long stays or for those who wish to store material with the shelter of the humitidé and the dust. Made of 420D polyester with a double PVC heat-sealed coating and dimensions of 40x95x40, it can hold all the boat's safety equipment and the watertightness is ensured by the roll-up closure. The plus of this bag: You can carry fins for underwater hunting or any other equipment of almost a meter in length!

Detailed characteristics of the Barracuda 138 litre waterproof travel bag

  • 138 litre capacity travel bag 100% watertight for short periods of immersion
  • Dimensions: 40x40x95cm
  • Two handles at the ends allow it to be carried at 2
  • A large adjustable strap allows it to be worn as a shoulder strap
  • A perforated pocket is available on the front to store waterproof material
  • A valve at the bottom of the bag allows water to be drained from inside the bag
  • Can be combined with the Zulupack Trolley sold separately
  • Weight without trolley: 1,5 Kg

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