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  • One-component undercoat PRE-KOTE | Picksea
  • Reference: IN-YUB000-Blanc-0.75

One-component undercoat PRE-KOTE

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Detailed features

International's PRE-KOTE underlay

This product is designed as an undercoat for one-pack finishes. It has an excellent opacity, which facilitates the application of finishes. It will change your life, in fact it is very easy to apply and easy to sand. The intervals of overcoating are extended.

Features of International's PRE-KOTE underlay

  • Use: Do not overcoat with two-component products.
  • Thinner N°1
  • Practical covering power: 12 m²/L
  • Number of layers : 1 to 2
  • Compatible substrates: Polyester, Wood, Steel, and Aluminium
  • Application method: Brush and roller
  • Can be used on land
  • Not suitable for use in submerged areas

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