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  • Speed Polish Hullkote McLube | Picksea
  • Reference: HA-7880

Speed Polish Hullkote McLube

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Detailed features

An ecological polish with lemon for a better glide

This McLube polish is recommended by Harken. Made from lemon, it is totally environmentally friendly. It provides a deep clean and protects the hull while significantly improving the glide of your boat. A polish that lasts and gives a shiny appearance to your hull and protects it against UV.

Mc Lube products recommended by Harken for a perfect glide

Harken recommends the McLube brand for its high performance cleaning and maintenance products. Whether it's greasing blocks and cleats (One Drop), sliding sails in the mast or boom (Sailkote) or polishing your hull (Speed Polish and Hullkote) McLube products will significantly improve the performance of your boat.

  • Lemon based, environmentally friendly, 473ml
  • Ultra fast, high gloss finish
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Can be used on fiberglass, metal, plastic, plexiglass, and painted surfaces
  • Can be applied over other waxes and polishes
  • Apply to a clean, dry surface after shaking the bottle well
  • Apply two coats for best results

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