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On-board medical guide

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The essential on-board medical guide: Jean-Marc le Gac

This book has been written by emergency physicians actively involved in prevention and information on emergency care on board pleasure craft. Abundantly illustrated, it covers the following main topics: seeking medical advice at sea, the on-board pharmacy, on-board pathologies and wounds, burns and bruises, handling such as bandages, immobilisations, urgent and usual medical situations, illnesses linked to the sea (drowning, sun, dangerous animals), psychological aspects of life on board.

In summary, the majority of ailments that a boater can develop on board a vessel.

Practical...safety, very important on board a boat

Several points are very important to take into account during a trip on the sea: preparing the boat, before embarking, sailing carefully, and in case of problems. You can find all kinds of useful books on our website Picksea.com.


  • 144 pages
  • More than 200 photos and color drawings
  • Format: 16 x 24 cm

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