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Nitro Bole Head

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The ILLEX bole head head has been developed especially for the “NITRO BOLE SHAD”.

Lure head for fishing practice.

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  • <p style="text-align:justify;">These heads have a truly extraordinary range of actions depending on how they’re worked through the water.  Teamed up with a Lightening jerk a truly erratic action can be generated by giving successive sharp pulls on the rod tip.<br />The rate at which the lure drops back after each of these pulls can be controlled and varied too which gives you lots of scope to ring the changes on each cast.</p>

    LIGHTNING Head lure

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Shallow 6 and 15 grams lead heads for Black Minnow 120 and 160</h2> <p>Khaki color, the<strong> SHALLOW lead head</strong> is a 2014 novelty of the Breton brand. <strong>Available in 2 sizes, 6 or 15 grams. </strong>These heads are the lightest in the Black Minnow range. <strong>Suitable for congested areas and shallow waters. </strong>The hooks can be attached to a Krog hidden and articulated hook, which is very easy to attach thanks to the PH2S system. This system increases the longevity of the <strong>lure</strong> thanks to an excellent hold between the head and the body. It also makes lure mounting much easier.</p> <h2>An innovative extra soft lure made in Brittany</h2> <p>The Black Minnow range offers you a range of <strong>4 heads</strong> each adapted to a specific <strong>different use</strong> :</p> <ul><li>SHALLOW or SHORE : cast and bring back. best compromise for fishing from the shore or from a boat</li> <li>OFF SHORE : semi vertical or vertical. the lure swims down as well as up to fish slowly on the bottom</li> <li>DEEP : vertical to go for the big depths</li> </ul><p></p> <h2><span><strong>Characteristics of the SHALLOW Black Minnow lead head</strong><br /></span></h2> </div>