Micro block pulley 22 mm | Picksea
  • Micro block pulley 22 mm | Picksea
  • Micro block pulley 22 mm | Picksea
  • Micro block pulley 22 mm | Picksea
  • Reference: HA-226

Micro block pulley 22 mm

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Detailed features

This Harken pulley has a low coefficient of friction and is compact and lightweight. It is therefore ideal for windsurfers and dinghies or for low load trimming bumps.

Sheave diameter Maximum rope diameter Length Weight Maximum workload Breaking load
Simple 22 mm 6 mm 38 mm 14 g 91 kg 544 kg
Double 22 mm 6 mm 51 mm 43 g 159 kg 544 kg

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Ronstan's range of 40mm Single Orbit Winch Pulleys</h2> <div class="fiche-txt">No metal elements in these Orbit pulleys, except for the stainless steel ball bearings, everything is made of high-tech polymer resin capable of withstanding heavy loads. The special feature of the Orbit pulleys is also the optimization of the ball track, which frees up the central part of the pulley hub and thus reduces the weight. The Orbit Simple Series 40 is a range of blocks in several versions used for mainsheet and spinnaker sheets on dinghies, catamarans and sport keelboats up to 5 meters, but also for halyard, tackle and backstay reefing on boats up to 8 meters. They can also be used for trimming lines on boats over 8 meters. Very light, with a working load of 325 kilos and a breaking strength of 700 kilios, and a compact weight.</div> <div class="fiche-txt"></div> <h2>Ronstan Orbit 40mm Single Pulley Features</h2> </div>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>WICHARD triple pulleys for 8-9 mm rope</h2> <div class="fiche-txt">These pulleys are suitable for heavy loads and static manoeuvres. The 45 sheave rotates around the stainless steel shaft and is protected by the flanges. The universal head of these pulleys allows a wide choice of attachments. Available with or without balls. Without balls, they are perfect for mainsail hoists, halyards, boom vang, spinnaker sheets for sport catamarans and small keelboats. With balls, they have two rows of lateral balls, which gives them a very good performance under light load. Under high load, the forces are taken up by the stainless steel shaft without lateral friction. You can use them for mainsheet and sheet track, spinnaker sheets and arms, genoa sheets and backstays.</div> <div class="fiche-txt"></div> <h2>Characteristics of the WICHARD triple pulleys for 8-9 mm rope</h2> </div>

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