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  • McLube Sailkote Sail Lubricant 300 ml | Picksea
  • Reference: HA-ML8

McLube Sailkote Sail Lubricant 300 ml

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Detailed features

McLube lubricant for the maintenance of your boat:

The McLube brand lubricant is very easy to use, this fast drying spray quickly sets on all clean and dry surfaces. It helps to repel dirt and reduce drag in the air and water. McLube Sailkote spray is far more effective than other Telfon, oil or wax based products.

A McLube environmental spray

The range of spary sailkote is ecological, indeed, these products do not contain any chlorofluorocarbon, nor petroleum derivative or other toxin. This product is very popular in the boating industry for the maintenance of your boat.

  • Ecological
  • Can be used on : mainsail tracks, deck hatches, sliding doors, sails ...
  • 300 ml

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