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  • Martini modular kayak extra section of Point 65 | Picksea
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  • Reference: TO-P65-MARTINIGTXSUPP

Martini modular kayak extra section

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Detailed features

3 people = 1 kayak, 4 people = 1 kayak,... is it possible?

Well yes! You want to go on a kayak trip with 4 people but you don't have 4 kayaks? Don't worry, with the modular kayaks of the range martiniSimply purchase an additional section to increase the capacity of your kayak. There is no limit, and you will even save money.

Discover the range of Martini modular kayaks

This range offers the possibility of enlarging the kayak according to the number of people who want to sail on it. Very stable, practical and easy to use, these kayaks will satisfy you.

Features of the additional Martini section

  • Minimum space requirement
  • 1 strong and durable polyethylene layer
  • Unique "Snap-Tap" locking system
  • Length : 163 cm
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Weight (approximate): 12 kg

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