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  • <p>This personal beacon is one of the most compact of market. She is going to be useful for you during your offshore exits but also during your nautical activities. Tight until 10m she floats with her floating dress handkerchief. The activation will throw an international signal of distress via SARSAT COSPAS on 406 mhz and the radio signal of reunification on 121,5 Mhz.</p>
  • <h2>The PLB GNSS Personal Beacon</h2> <p>The 406 Mgz Personal Locator Beacon with GNSS can be used at sea but also when hiking. After reporting your departure and destination on the dedicated website, the SAFELINK SOLO will transmit your personal identifier and your GNSS position (GPS+Galileo) to the Cospas-Sarsat global distress system. In case of trouble, rescuers will be regularly informed of your position and will locate you with precision. These beacons, designed for individual use at sea or in rivers, are easy to carry and comply with the COSPAS-SARSAT standard: waterproof with a minimum of 24 hours operation. The beacon emits a digital signal that allows identification and position by satellite on 406 MHz (5 watts) and at the same time a homing signal on 121.5 MHz guiding the rescuers to the location even without visibility.</p> <p>Caution! PLB beacons are serialized by default. At the time of purchase, you will need to register your beacon with the relevant authorities in the country corresponding to the serialized coding.</p> <h2>Characteristics of the PLB individual beacon</h2>

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Kannad specialises in quality beacons for sailors and boaters.