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Le spécialiste des Jumelles !

Cette entreprise Allemande est la seule au monde a être spécialisée dans la conception et le développement de jumelles. Assise sur 60 ans de production et d'innovation dans la technologie optique, Steiner se place comme leader mondial dans le domaine et apporte des solutions optiques de qualité pour tous types de domaines d'application. Chasse, observation ornithologique ou d'animaux en général, activités outdoor et bien sûr nautisme font partie de des champs auxquels sont destinées les jumelles Steiner.

L'expertise et la rigueur de Steiner dans le domaine l'a propulsé au rang de marque privilégiée par tous les professionnels et notamment l'armée et la marine.

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  • <h2>NightHunter 8x30 LRF waterproof night vision binoculars</h2> <p>This new high quality model allows you to quickly and accurately see your target and the distance to it. Compact yet lightweight, they offer accurate laser distance measurement up to 1,700m, a scanning mode for continuous measurement of moving targets. Steiner's HD optics provide this pair of binoculars with perfect image and light transmission in the highest quality. Stray light is therefore reduced to a minimum. Contours remain sharp and clearly visible, even in poor light conditions or in the dark. The new Sports-Auto-Focus technology allows the image to remain sharp and precise from 20 meters to infinity without intermediate adjustments. These high-tech, high-quality binoculars are combined with Steiner's legendary robustness, i.e. with a Makrolon polycarbonate housing with shock absorption of up to 11 G thanks to the floating prism suspension. The waterproofing works up to 5m. Steiner Nano Protection hydrophobic coating, which makes water, dirt and dust bead up on the optics. This pair of binoculars is optimized for quiet and intuitive use. The NBR rubber armouring, especially on the control buttons, ensures effective soundproofing. The handling is safe and easy, thanks to the anti-slip coating.</p> <p>Product delivered with case and carrying strap. 30 years warranty except for external and electronic parts.</p> <h2>Detailed specifications of the NightHunter 8x30 LRF binoculars</h2>

    NightHunter 8x30 LRF Binoculars

    • €1,582.50
    Shipped according to supplier's deadline
  • <h2>The Commander 7x50 waterproof binoculars</h2> <p>The Commander 7x50 with compass is a pair that is unrivalled and indispensable. The Commander 7x50 is the most competitive binocular on the market today. The lenses of this product are treated with an exclusive Steiner Diamond coating that offers unmatched guarantees of light transmission, clarity and contrast. This coating gives truly perfect and clear images, even in low light conditions. Stray light is minimized and contours are always clear and sharp, even in the worst weather and lighting conditions. The binoculars come with a 30-year warranty.</p> <h2>A truly indispensable product </h2> <p>This pair of Commander binoculars has the wonderful Steiner ruggedness, which makes this model perfect for the toughest conditions. Indeed, the integrated Makrolon housing makes these binoculars both light and robust. Also, the floating prism system uses a flexible elastic mount to protect the optical parts from impact and maintain the precise factory settings for years of heavy use. The field of view has been increased by 15 meters and provides maximum view for increased safety in all situations. The 3D glow gives a natural rendering of colours so images are vivid and the depth of field is impressive. Available with or without compass </p> <h2>Detailed features of the Commander 7x50 binoculars </h2>
    Commander 7x50 waterproof...

    Commander 7x50 waterproof binoculars with compass

    • €1,208.33
    Available mid-October 2021

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