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  • <h2>HX 210 E marine VHF, 6 W, portable, waterproof and floating</h2> <p style="text-align:justify;">The VHF HX 210 E from Standard Horizon has a power of 1 to 6 W, and is waterproof (IPX 7: immersion 1 meter for 30 minutes) and floating. It has a function that allows it to start flashing immediately in contact with water. This light flash is adjustable in 3 modes: SOS, sparkling and fixed. ATIS function available, integrated FM radio. The transmission power is adjustable between 1,2,5 or 6 Watts. It has all international channels, and FM frequencies from 76 to 108 MHz. Its 1850 mAh Lithium-ion battery allows a long autonomy. This <a href="">portable VHF</a> comes with a 12VDC and 220 VAC charging cable. LCD screen with backlight. Its new intuitive menu system allows access to all functions very easily. The extended receiver of the VHF HX 210 E allows you to synchronize your favorite FM station and receive and enjoy FM broadcasts.</p> <h2>Features of the HX 210 E marine VHF</h2>

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