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  • <h2>Dude Sunglasses by Mundaka</h2><p><span>The DUDE are the flagship glasses of the Mundaka collection. With a vintage style and a retro surfing touch, these glasses are inspired by the famous Wayfarer model brought up to date. These sunglasses are aimed at people who are on the lookout for the latest trends.</span></p><h2>Features of the Dude sunglasses</h2>

    Dude Sunglasses

    • €41.58
    Please call us +33 297 11 80 95
  • <h2>Mundaka Electra Sunglasses</h2> <p><span>ELECTRA sunglasses come in a selection of three distinct colours so you can find the ELECTRA that suits you. With a vintage style and a touch of surf, these sunglasses are inspired by the famous Wayfarer.</span></p> <h2>Features of Electra sunglasses</h2>

    Electra Sunglasses

    • €41.58
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Mundaka designs and manufactures in the Basque Country sunglasses for sliding and sailing activities, in a spirit of shared passion for action sports. Goggles and sunglasses for surfing, riding, and sailing in an eye-safe, cool, and designer style.