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  • <h2>The ML6 Portable LED Lantern will light your way in any situation</h2> <p>Using the latest lens technology, it ensures perfect light distribution with minimal power consumption. You can place it directly in the centre of a table or hang it under the boom as its lighting is not dazzling but still effective. The hook, removable holder and magnet cover all possibilities and allow you to hang the lamp quickly. The ML6 Portable LED Lantern can also be used as a portable power bank to charge other electronic devices. It has three positions for intuitive and easy operation, a built-in battery indicator and lighting that can be continuous, dimmed and brightened. Various functions Power - high light output for every situation Low Power - economical light for maximum runtime for glare-free reading and working Boost - maximum output for a short period of time for greater clarity Blink - automatic sending of light pulses at regular intervals S.O.S - the lamp sends an S.O. S in Morse code as an emergency message (3x short, 3x long, 3x short) Strobe - light flash with annoying reflections, for example for self-defence Special functions The little something of this Ledlenser: Transportation Lock - prevents the lantern from being switched on unintentionally Dimmable - stepless adjustment of the intensity between 15% and 100% Red Reading Light - red glare-free LED IP Class This LedLenser lantern is equipped with IP54 protection against splash water and dust Rechargeable Thanks to the use of rechargeable batteries you not only save your wallet but also the environment. After all, conventional batteries require 500 times more electricity to produce than they supply themselves. Including the energy consumption for transport and storage, the CO2 emissions are enormous. Smart Light Technology This innovation makes your Ledlenser your personal lighting tool: thanks to a microcontroller, you program your individual functions via a combination of keys and buttons. This means that you always have an optimal light function at your disposal.</p> <h2>Detailed characteristics of the Led Lenser ML6 lamp</h2>
    ML6 Cockpit Lantern

    ML6 Cockpit Lantern

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Created by two brothers more than 10 years ago, the LED LENSER brand is well known in the security and professional sectors.
World leader in the manufacture of LED flashlights, this German brand has made innovation its absolute weapon: combinations of perfected optics make it possible to offer long lighting distances, seals and gold-plated contacts prevent oxidation, and the quality of the LEDs used makes it possible to limit consumption and offer increased durability, including for high powers.

Carefully manufactured with a remarkable quality/price ratio, LED LENSER offers a wide range of lamps for diving, torches or headlamps for every user. You are sure to find the one you need!