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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>My first Origami boats by Vagnon</h2> <p>40 detachable sheets to learn how to make your first Origami folded boats: easy to make, pretty and colorful with marine motifs. Bonus: a detachable booklet to learn step by step the art of Japanese folding and make beautiful boats!</p> <h2>In this book</h2> </div>

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Fleurus Edition
Fleurus publishes books to awaken children's interest, notably through the "Imageries" collections, the leader on the French market, collections to be read with the family from a very young age. But also the essential "Dico des filles" and all its derivatives (novels, comics, survival guides, etc.), and the "Voir" documentary collection, which has sold more than one million copies.
It's also a great choice of practical life covering the fields of creative leisure (children and adults), fine arts, crafts, decoration, DIY and games.