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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Xtreme Marine Cooler by Coleman</h2> <p>The reputation of the Marine Cooler from<strong> Coleman</strong> is no longer to be done, as these <strong>coolers are resistant</strong> and are the result of a flawless manufacturing process. For your<strong> trips to the sea or in nature</strong> You can trust Coleman coolers to be the perfect storage solution for bottles, food, or any other item that needs to be kept in the cooler. <strong>cool and protected from the sun</strong>.</p> <h2>Different volumes of coolers offered</h2> <p>- 36 QT (34 litres), dimensions : W 41 x H 24 x D 27 cm<br /> 8 x 1.5 L bottles horizontally</p> <p>- 50 QT (48 litres) WITH ROLLERS, dimensions : W 56 x H 26 x D 28 cm, <strong>Weight:</strong> 5,1 kg<br /> 10 x 1.5 L bottles horizontally and vertically</p> <p>- 70 QT (66 litres), dimensions : W 61 x H 30 x D 33 cm, <strong>Weight:</strong> 6,1 kg<br /> 16 x 1.5 L bottles vertically and 20 horizontally</p> <p>- 100 QT (90 litres), dimensions : W 92 x H 42 x D 44 cm, <strong>Weight:</strong> 7,4 kg<br /> 20 bottles of 1.5 L vertically and 35 horizontally</p> <h2>General characteristics of these marine coolers</h2> </div>

    Xtreme Marine Cooler

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For over 100 years, the Coleman brand has been innovating and evolving. It is first and foremost a team of passionate people who create a multitude of innovative products each year to encourage adventurers to enjoy various outdoor activities and explore the world.
The brand offers a wide range of quality products allowing everyone to find the right equipment for their activities. Tents, mattresses, lamps, lanterns, stoves, garden sheds, you will inevitably find the products that suit you, whether for a camping trip, a hike or a bivouac.