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  • <div class="fiche-txt"><h2>The smallest USB charger Motormonkey 5V</h2><p>Are you ready for the <strong>Motormonkey</strong> ? The world's smallest and lightest car charger, the Motormonkey can charge the most popular mobile phones, smartphones <strong>iPads/iPods</strong>And more when you're on the go or on a boat. The revolutionary car charger features auto-detect technology that can recognize when an Apple iPad has been connected and change the power settings accordingly. Lighter and more compact than the original, the motormonkey provides a complete charging solution for most <strong>5V devices</strong>.</p><h2>Features of the world's most compact USB charger</h2></div>
    Chargeur USB Motormonkey

    Chargeur USB Motormonkey

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    • €14.95

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Powertraveller Without boundaries
Powertraveller is a brand specialized in mobile energy. It offers a wide range of portable solar chargers that allow you to charge your mobile phone, MP3, laptop anywhere. Designed according to military specifications and tested in the most hostile climates and terrains, Powertraveller products are reliable and perform well in any situation.