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  • <p style="text-align:justify;"><span id="result_box" lang="en" xml:lang="en"> <span class="hps">By</span> <span class="hps">brand</span><span>,</span> <span class="hps">Ragot</span><span>, spoons</span> <span class="hps">YANNLIT</span> <span class="hps">are</span> <span class="hps">known to be</span> <span class="hps">highly efficient</span> <span class="hps">heavy</span> <span class="hps">spoons</span> <span class="hps">and attractive</span><span>.</span> <span class="hps">Its</span> <span class="hps">form</span> <span class="hps">resembles that</span> <span class="hps">of</span> <span class="hps">Fish</span><span>,</span> <span class="hps">waving</span> <span class="hps">her</span> <span class="hps">perfectly</span> <span class="hps">shapely</span> <span class="hps">and</span> <span class="hps">beautiful</span> <span class="hps">skin</span> <span class="hps">and</span> <span class="hps">are</span> <span class="hps">unalterable</span> <span class="hps">by</span> <span class="hps">the</span> <span class="hps">Yannlit</span> <span class="hps">spoon</span><span>, lure</span> <span class="hps">formidable</span><span>.</span></span></p>
    YANNLIT Spoon

    YANNLIT Spoon

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  • <h2>Neoprene Waders with PVC boots:</h2> <p>The Neo PVC waders offer a perfect option to equip yourself with a real 4 seasons waders, and face the cool waters of mid-season or winter. Made of 3.5 mm neoprene, with adjustable straps, belly pocket, PVC boots, you will have a real quality wader, comfortable and performing.</p> <h2>Characteristics of the neoprene waders with PVC boots</h2>
  • <h2>PU Waders with PVC boots, light and waterproof</h2> <p>Ragot's soft and comfortable PU Waders are the perfect gear to stay dry and well protected . Made of soft and comfortable polyurethane material, with PVC boots, an inside pocket, wide straps adjustable by clips, this waders is easy to wear, light, but strong</p> <h2>Features of PU waders with PVC boots:</h2>
  • <h2>Neo Standard Waders, with rubber boots</h2> <p>A versatile waders, from Ragot, made of 3.5 mm thick neoprene, ideal for fishing in fresh water, at the opening of the trout for example. Equipped with adjustable straps, a belly pocket, knee reinforcements and natural rubber boots, you will find a complete wader that is warm and efficient</p> <h2>Neo Standard Waders features</h2>

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Specialist in lures and trolling lines.
Ragot is the specialist in lures and trolling lines.