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  • Carbon Case Document Holder | Picksea
  • Less than 10 litres
  • Reference: HA-2309C

Carbon Case for documents

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Detailed features

The Harken sailor's briefcase on a carbon sailcloth

The Harken document case is a must for sailors and racers who want to protect their documents or racing instructions from the elements. Made of Kevlar sailcloth and ultra-strong, water-resistant canvas, the document case will protect your papers in style. Harken Case remains a very practical marine accessory on a boat! Find other accessories and all the sailor's luggage on Picksea.

A marine accessory by the famous brand Harken

The Harken document holder is a marine accessory which is very useful for the Skippers. It is part of the practical and quality accessories made by brands like Harken. Thought for the regatta and/or the cruise, this small accessory for yachtsman and navigator allows to carry documents and/or other business while protecting them from the spray and the water.

  • Dimensions: 36 x 26 cm.
  • Carbon sailcloth. Ultra-resistant pouch.
  • Water-resistant to protect against spray, rain and splashes.
  • Reference Harken HA-2309C

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