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Paddles Tahe Outdoors

Paddles Tahe Outdoors

The paddle is to the kayak or stand up paddle what the shoe is to the foot: essential. Indeed, Picksea has chosen for you among the wide range of paddles Tahe Outdoors in order to offer you the best possible glide.

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>The Paddle SUP REGLABLE ALU S 2 parts of Bic Sport</h2> The essential accessory for the rider, for the <strong>Stand Up Paddle</strong>. With its aluminium handle and polycarbonate blade, the <strong>paddle SUPLABLE S 2P</strong> is ideal for smaller surfers and children. This <strong>paddle</strong>will allow you to perform at high paddling speeds. Equipped with an adjustment clip, you can adapt your paddle to your size and style. Its little plus, this paddle can be dismantled in 2 parts, which makes its transport and storage much easier.</div> <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>The characteristics of the Paddle SUP REGLABLE ALU S 2 parts of Bic Sport</h2> </div>
    SUP Travel Alu 3-part...

    SUP Travel Alu 3-part paddle 170-210cm

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