Ultra soft and light apron Bris | Picksea
  • Ultra soft and light apron Bris | Picksea
  • Ultra soft and light apron Bris | Picksea
  • Ultra soft and light apron Bris | Picksea
  • Unisex
  • Reference: GR-96-GREEN-115

Ultra soft and light apron Bris

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Detailed features

The waxed apron in necklace Bris de Grundens

The apron is adjustable at the neck and waist with simple straps. The bottom corners are reinforced to increase its durability. Its not too thick coating makes it a good weight/price/durability ratio for professions not too exposed to oils or abrasive products.

Detailed characteristics of the waxed apron Bris de Grundens

  • Coating : 330g/m².
  • Sizes: 115 - 130 cm
  • HDX05 PVC coated polyester. Total weight: 330 g/m2.
  • Sealing: EN 343

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