Longe de vie 2 points
  • Single 2-point lifeline | Picksea
  • Single 2-point lifeline | Picksea
  • Single 2-point lifeline | Picksea
  • Reference: DW-STR/02

Single 2-point lifeline

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Detailed features

The 2 point single life lanyard by Spinlock

The 2 point life lanyard by Spinlock is the assurance to stay on board in all conditions. Available in a 1 Loop or 2 carabiner version. Ultra compact, it has a hydrophobic webbing that prevents it from gaining weight when in contact with water. In addition, an overload indicator allows you to check whether the lanyard has been overloaded and therefore whether it needs to be changed for safety reasons.

Features of the Spinlock Deck Ware 2 point lanyard

  • Ultra Compact Version
  • Available as 1 STR/2L or 2 STR/02 carabiners
  • Easy to use one-handed carabiners with an anti accidental opening safety feature
  • Compact 16mm lanyard, 28% lighter than standard 25mm lanyards
  • Surface treatment prevents water absorption and thus wet weight
  • Visual overload indicator, when the lanyard has been pulled more than 500kg, the lanyard must be changed to maintain safety rating At a glance the cursor indicates whether the lanyard needs to be changed.

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