Lot de pochettes étanches O'WAVE
  • Lot de pochettes étanches O'WAVE
  • Lot de pochettes étanches O'WAVE
  • Etanche à l'immersion brève
  • Less than 10 litres
  • Reference: TP-2340124

Reinforced waterproof pouch size S

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Detailed features

The waterproof and reinforced pouch

Waterproof pouch size S from O'WAVE protects your official documents (boat registration document, licence, identity card,...). To take with you when you go out at sea in wet weather.

Detailed characteristics of the pouch

  • For documents size S : 13,5 x 22 cm

Reinforced model for intensive or professional use. Quick opening and closing by snap fastener and triple zip to ensure watertightness.

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