Combo Black Minnow 120 Shore 12g | Picksea
  • Combo Black Minnow 120 Shore 12g | Picksea
  • Combo Black Minnow 120 Shore 12g | Picksea
  • Reference: BM194

Combo Black Minnow 120 Shore 12g

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Detailed features

The new Combo Black Minnow 120 Khaki Off-Shore 12g 2014 by Fiiish

The Black Minnow Combo returns in 2014 with its assembled lure (body + head + hook) and its spare body. Hidden in the soft body of the lure, this wide-open hook This allows to have a great efficiency when hooking while avoiding the clinging to the bottom. This allows you to get to the bottom without losing a considerable number of lures... Here is the 12 grams version.

The 6 steps for the assembly of the Black Minnow of 2014

  1. With the lead head upside down, insert the attachment system into the soft body all the way through without forcing.
  2. Turn the lead head right side up so that it fits.
  3. Put, if necessary, a glue point between the head and the body.
  4. Through the opening on the underside of the soft body, look for the attachment system with the hook loop.
  5. Walk the hook along the head attachment and check that it is in place.
  6. Put the hook back through the soft body at the mark.

This Combo includes:

  • A complete Black Minnow 120 lure with a 12g khaki OffShore head, a 120 khaki body and a Krog hook
  • A spare body Black Minnow 120 color Brown Glitter

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