Mousqueton à ouverture sous charge
  • Carabiner with opening under load | Picksea
  • Made in france
  • Reference: WI-2674

Carabiner with opening under load

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Find the Wichard carabiner in stainless steel, with its system of opening under load in the category of the hardware. Durability and quality are the key words of the French brand, specialist in rigging. This carabiner is perfect for spinnaker arm, downhaul and spinnaker pole topping lift. Forged in France in HR stainless steel.


  • La forme ovoïde des mousquetons à ouverture sous charge permet un déclenchement sans effort par le bout de commande
  • Idéal pour les bras de spi, hale-bas et balancine de tangon
  • En inox 316L

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    Safety carabiner

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